Cannes: Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick the 20 Best Films of the Fest

Annie Silverstein's modest, plaintively lovely debut revolves around the bond between a 14-year-old white girl (Amber Havard) and a black rodeo star (Rob Morgan) on the rural outskirts of Houston. It may sound sentimental, but the film is powerfully restrained — a clear-eyed, condescension-free portrait of American struggle.   ...Read More

The Hollywood Reporter | May 26, 2019

Bull first look: a bucking portrait of a rodeoing odd couple

Bull, then, is a mesmerising film, and one that will linger in the imagination long after the sounds of the crickets have faded.   ...Read More

Sight & Sound | May 16, 2019


Havard is an austere screen presence, and her performance has an unadorned quality befitting a character whose existence has largely been drained of pleasure. But she's also an intuitive actress, making sure we see Kris' grit and openness, her decency as well as her despair. She's well matched by the quietly magnetic Morgan, who conveys both bone-deep exhaustion and a macho stubbornness that keeps Abe going even as his body and spirit flag.   ...Read More

The Hollywood Reporter | May 15, 2019

If There Be Horns: Silverstein Succeeds with Discerning Debut of Rural Desperation

Authentic and empathetic, its two lead performers transition simultaneously into dynamic characterizations which are both hard won and complex, championing a possibility for hope rather than a fleeting semblance of redemption.   ...Read More

ION CINEMA | May 15, 2019

‘Bull’ Review: ‘The Rider’ Meets ‘The Wrestler’ in Striking Portrait of Black Rodeos — Cannes

Touching, Asorbing, Poingnant. A wondrous vision of life on the edge. An evocative coming-of-age story...carried by a pair of astounding performances that hover on a plane of their own, generating unique chemistry that finds its emotional center with time. Amber Harvard is a genuine discovery...found in an open casting call, is a striking new face in American cinema — her eyes dart about with fiery determination and fear, but when she finally gets a chance to smile, it comes as a revelation.   ...Read More

Indiewire | May 15, 2019

Cannes 2019: Screen's guide to the Un Certain Regard titles

Texas-based Silverstein won the Cinéfondation award in Cannes 2014 for her short film Skunk about a dog owner who stands up for her pitbull. Silverstein switches the focus to a wayward teen (Amber Havard making her debut) who strikes up a life-changing relationship with her stubborn neighbour, an ageing man on the rodeo circuit (Stranger Things’ Rob Morgan). Bert Marcus (Ophelia) is among the producers. Film Constellation handles international sales.   ...Read More

Screen Daily | May 11, 2019

Cannes 2019: 15 Most Anticipated Films At This Year’s Festival

At Cannes, this magnification of Southern life could take on a broader anthropological scope, putting the experiences of lower-class American life on a pedestal it almost never receives back home.   ...Read More

Indiewire | May 7, 2019

‘Ophelia’ Film Review: Daisy Ridley Gives Shakespeare’s Tragic Heroine a Provocative Do-Over

Ultimately, “Ophelia” is the story of a woman who offers all of herself and all of her love to a man who wants her — but who wants vengeance and violence more. It’s a tragedy that has played out countless times, but it feels fresh and powerful in this telling.   ...Read More

The Wrap | Jan 22, 2018

Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts star in the reshaping of 'Hamlet,' in which the prince’s lady love takes center stage.

lsinore is a less gloomy place with women in the foreground in Ophelia, an engaging reshaping of Hamlet in which the prince’s lady love takes center stage. Based on Lisa Klein’s well-received 2006 young adult novel, this vigorous, colorful and clever melodrama smartly rethinks both the play and the character, making her a far more proactive figure than Shakespeare did in addition to entirely reimagining her fate.   ...Read More

Hollywood Reporter | Jan 23, 2018